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Hi! I’m Michele, and I write The Professional Family Manager, a blog encouraging women to feel proud about the hard work they do as mothers, promoting respect for the career of motherhood. I began The Professional Family Manager in February 2009 in order to explore with other women the reasons why motherhood is not given the same professional respect as a job outside of the home, and to discuss how to positively promote the value motherhood provides to society. Behind every mother is an amazing, strong, intelligent and smart, creative woman.

I am a sassy, outspoken, and unusual woman, wife, and mother of three daughters. I have a master’s degree in English and have worked as a college professor as well as a vice-president and marketing director for a non-profit organization. Currently I am a freelance writer, editor, and occasional accidental website designer, managing a hobby farm and raising my children.

Household Management

  • FlyLady. FlyLady is not for everyone; indeed, there are things about her website that just do not work for me. What I do like are her empowering, common-sense messages: let go of perfectionism, start where you are, and start small. She offers ideas for establishing routines (as opposed to schedules) and also sells some household and organizational tools. If you are looking for a place to start in terms of organization and time management, I recommend her site.
  • Berkshire Builders. A great company that provides building services around the Berkshire area, I have used them before and they provide a top quality service.
  • Organize Now . I wrote this (unsponsored and independent) review of Jennifer Ford Berry’s Organize Now almost a year ago. What I like about this book is that it is absent of fluff. This book doesn’t tell you that, by implementing this one single system, your life will change forever. This book does not analyze why other methods of organization have failed. This book doesn’t tell you that it isn’t your fault that you are not organized. This book doesn’t recommend a ton of products which “support” you (really, it’s the author and publisher’s pocketbook being supported) in your quest for an organized life. This is a practical book of lists, divided by weeks and organized by topics, that can be read quickly and quickly implemented.
  • Big Shoes UK. A company specialising in larger size shoes for those increasing large teenagers that you’ll find in families these days!

For more useful professional family management resources check out my resource page.

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