Placing an ad or offering a giveaway on The Professional Family Manager provides your brand the opportunity to be seen by thousands of women who are looking for the best products to make being a mother a little easier.

Why Should You Work With The Professional Family Manager?
A mother to three daughters ranging from age seven to fifteen, Michele uses her blog to encourage women to effectively and intelligently manage their time, household, finances, relationships, and personal development. The focus is on self-respect and promoting professional respect for the work mothers do. Michele loves to share and promote the products that help make life just a little easier.

The Professional Family Manager is an up-and-coming blog that is enjoying an increase in stats, visitors, and popularity all the time. The blog addresses social, financial, and lifestyle issues which affect mothers, and offers advice and encouragement to navigate the challenges of balancing parenting and having a personal life. Readers trust her opinion as they know she only offers honest reviews, and will only promote a product if it is something Michele would use herself. She strives to provide helpful, honest, and detailed reviews of products.

Primary Demographics
The Professional Family Manager readers are women, mothers, and grandmothers in a variety of ages. The largest age group of our visitors appears to be from 25 – 45. Many of the women who visit the blog have three or more children, primarily of elementary school age. They are looking for products to help them improve their lifestyles and time management.

Let’s Work Together!

If you feel you offer a product which is in line with the mission of this blog, please Email Michele at The Professional Family Manager for my media kit. I am happy to promote businesses that offer services that are genuinely helpful to other women.

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